In your vehicle for easier breathing

In your vehicle for easier breathing

Our lungs and respiratory system is very important to our well-being, from harmful, polluted air can help make them strong and operation to achieve the best state. In recent years, the general public to breathe the air, it has become increasingly aware of. Many aspects of the anti-smoking campaign and environmental education, there is a growing air under the conditions of education where they live, and how important it is the overall health of only a few examples. Suffering from allergies or asthma, or who are looking for sinus relief is particularly conscious of the air quality.

Due to the popularity of the increasing understanding of the car air purifier , has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. HEPA air purifiers are becoming more and more common, because they remove harmful particles in the air in private homes, businesses, hospitals and clinics, only the most clean, healthy air for people to breathe. Health-conscious individuals, as well as those who suffer from various respiratory diseases, all know that the air you breathe is important, because you drink water or eat food, your purity.

This is why it is surprising that a relatively small number of people who think they spend much time in their cars every day. As a form of domestic transport, car travel is a huge part of many people's daily lives. Day commute and work, usually including a large proportion of the town is becoming more and more designs to meet the car to work. People want to know, then, what kind of harmful pollution, they are in contact at the same time, they travel in their cars.

Fresh air in here which does not know this, too, and decided to do something. Our research shows that people often come into contact with many harmful pollutants, while driving in their cars. Respiratory hazard is most obvious from the surrounding vehicle exhaust pollution and automotive. Especially if you travel frequently crowded on a busy highway, you are no doubt in a broad array of unpleasant and harmful particles breathing. In fact, the Clean Air Task Force found that the presence of the diesel particulate four to eight times higher than the outdoor air in most American urban environment commuter car.

Motor vehicle pollution and emissions, the beginning of time, what we found. The average vehicle internal parts or accessories, full of harmful particles, which may affect the quality of your breathing. The most obvious example is the car air fresheners everywhere, you will often see dangling from many automotive rear-view mirror. Aroma emitted from these seemingly harmless items actually contain harmful chemicals that can damage your vehicle's air quality. In addition, these projects attempt to conceal or disguise the unpleasant odor and harmful automobile exhaust in an attempt to paralysis you think your car is not that bad in the air.

Completely concerned with what we found in vehicles on air quality, so a lot of people driving, spent so much time, clean air plus the team decided to do something. Behind some of the best HEPA air purifier on the market has been our name, we recognize that solar portable car air purifier can be used as an effective tool in a vehicle clean and purify the air inside the double . Although this product was originally designed for its portability and the ability to move from one room to another room, it makes it easy, convenient to use the car.

Solar portable air purifier to its advanced technology and efficiency, indoor air quality of your vehicle. This particular product used in some of the most cutting-edge engineering, joint efforts, so you breathe clean air, may have many functions. Medical grade HEPA filter to remove particles from the air, including 99.97% of mold, bacteria, pollen, dander, and viruses.

Prior to the air, even in the face of the HEPA filter, which is run by the state of the pre-filter to remove larger particles in the art. Activated carbon cloth to eliminate toxic chemical gases and unpleasant odors. All of these components work together to maximize the purity of the air you breathe. An optional activated carbon / zeolite mixing tank project, to remove volatile organic compounds - volatile organic compounds - which is known to aggravate the condition of such as asthma and allergies. All of these powerful features are going to work in your car, when you choose the optional auto adapter kit.
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